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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Welp. Hi again.
Hope you all had a great thanksgiving.... I sure did! It was one of
the best days of my mission! And it was special for more than one
reason. I had an amazing experience that day during personal study. I
was in 2 Nephi 4 and I was thinking a lot about the time I've spent on
my mission up til now (I know I always write about this)... so I
finally decided to pray right then and there and ask Heavenly Father
how I've been doing on my mission so far. I've just been so stressed
about the line between "not doing enough" and "stop stressing about
doing it perfectly." And it is AMAZING how much Heavenly Father is
aware of me... the last page of my personal study that day was from
Elder Ballard's "Our Search for Happiness" book.. not sure if I've
ever gotten a faster, more specific answer than I did just then. I
can't type the whole thing out... but let it suffice to say that every
word on that page directly related to the question I had just prayed
about. It was absolutely incredible. And I only realized how powerful
it was when I was explaining it to Sister Miller after the fact... So
we had a really great/emotional conversation. And I came to the
conclusion that I'm doing okay. :) I will always be grateful for that
Then we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Battalion! it's hard to miss
being home for the holidays when you have a second home that feels
just as special... and family--all my sisters and four set of adopted
"grandparents"--all around you. :) It was absolutely wonderful. And I
stuffed myself to the point that I felt sick, of course.
And to top it all off that day, Vinod came to meet us for a lesson at
the Battalion, and bless his heart, he brought us two beautiful gifts
for thanksgiving... they were glass vases in the shape of swans with a
rose in them. He is the darn cutest little human I have ever met. It
was so sweet. And he's doing great!! Baptism is reset! We're excited
for him.
So, I had a great Thanksgiving. I also had one of the hardest days
that I've ever had in my entire mission on Sunday. I can't even write
about all the things that added up to make it so. But we decided it
all happened because we had just had a great discussion in our
district meeting a couple days before about diligence... so that was
the attribute we wanted to work on together. Well. Praying for
diligence is like praying for patience. Everything goes wrong after
you do so... and overcoming those things is how you gain more. :P It
didn't help that we had just learned of the new mission goal for
December: 20 baptisms a week. (We've only been averaging 10.) And
THREE of our four solid investigators that we thought would contribute
to that goal basically crushed our hopes on Sunday. ALL IN THE SAME
DAY. :( It was awful. But life goes on, and I had a lot to learn from
that experience. It took a LOT to humble myself after I was in such a
terrible mood that day. I didn't even feel like praying, I was so
upset. But eventually I did. Boy am I grateful for forgiveness.
Heavenly Father still needs me to be a missionary, I guess, because He
lets me keep going even when I struggle.
I'm so grateful to be a missionary. :) I'm terrible at putting my
thoughts and feelings into words, so that's the best I can do. But I
love this opportunity, I love the people I get to spend my time with,
and I love my Heavenly Father.
Also, I love this season! I'm excited to see how it will soften
people's hearts... this time of year always does. :) Happy Holidays!!
Sister Madsen

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