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Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 6, 2013 (Catching up on the blog!)

hey everyone!
this'll be a short one, we went to the temple for p-day today so we're short on time! it was so good to be there, i love the spirit at the temple, and i love the chance to be reminded of my covenants and how powerful they are. we did initiatories, too! in fact, we were doing them on behalf of our recent converts' ancestors! :) sarah did their genealogy and then did their baptisms, and then she handed them over to us. how cool is that? it was pretty special.
other great things of the week:
1. sister burden (my trainer) came back to san diego to visit! she TOTALLY surprised me, it was so fun to see her! (picture of her, me, and sister miller attached.)
2. our investigators kim and brandon, who live together, decided to up and get married at the end of the month! :) we haven't even addressed their situation yet, nor talked to them about baptism... but we think it's probably heavenly father preparing them. :) they are sincerely seeking, we think... at least kim is. so we have great hopes for them.
3. one of my investigators from my old area got baptized! her name is becca, and she is INCREDIBLE. power house convert. kind of like lily. :) she used to be an atheist! but god played a huge role in her life recently because he needs her in his church. :) she found the truth! and through her less active boyfriend who got back on track and baptized her! :) yay! the church is true!
lastly, i just want to re-emphasize how much i love all of you. hearing of the recent death of friend makes me realize how grateful i am for the gospel of jesus christ, who has POWER over death, and we WILL live eternally with those we love. thank you for your love and support, please continue doing what you do best and give that love to all those who are in need of it. :)
i love you! with all my heart!
sister madsen

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