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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

it's me again :)

hi everybody!
sometimes i wonder what on earth i did to receive the blessings i do. actually, i wonder that a lot. we saw so many miracles on sunday (and throughout the week)!! it was ridiculous. actually, i really kinda felt bad--like guilty because i was receiving blessings i didn't deserve! ha. let me lay it out for you: last week had a big fat ZERO in our "investigators who attended sacrament meeting" column. ouch. :( then all the sudden, people just started popping up out of nowhere! it was like magic!
1. joshua's girlfriend, who has taken a while to warm up to us, agreed to finally meet with us so we could teach her. we added her as investigator. and she was at church on sunday (which wasn't abnormal for her, she's come a few times).
2. we went to contact a former investigator and ran into her neighbor, who we had also run into last time we went to this girl's house! this time we actually had a good long conversation and he said we could come back. chalk up another investigator added.
3. the elders called us and said there was a marine who was looking around at churches whose sister had just been baptized. they gave us her number and we met with her this week. she wants to learn more. AND she came to church the next day. AND she came to FHE and loved it. that makes for 3rd new investigator this week.
4. some random kid, who also happens to be a marine, just showed up at our church building on sunday. he said that he recently decided he wanted to do something more with his life, and he grew up in ogden, so he knew about mormons... so he just looked up our church building and came to sacrament. ??? AND he also attended FHE and had a great time. (are you still counting? that's FOUR new investigators in ONE WEEK!)
5. cody, this boy that keeps disappearing and then showing up again--we literally have just found him on the side of the road like 4 times--popped up again as we were driving down the street this week. i'm telling you, heavenly father wants to baptize this kid so bad. we always lose contact with him--he hasn't had a cell phone for the past while, and he got kicked out of his house, so we couldn't just show up there anymore. the only way we can ever find him is when heavenly father randomly places him in our path. he only came to church one time, like over 2 months ago... but after talking to him on the side of the road (he FINALLY got a phone and gave us his number) he agreed to come to church again (which wasn't abnormal--he would always say he was gonna come and then never show up). welp. guess what? he actually came to church this week.
6. brian wu, who took like one lesson from us but decided he'd rather learn from the missionaries in another ward where his friend was, decided to be baptized... however, since he is technically in our boundaries, president said he cant be baptized into the other ward. so. we just have a baptism falling into our lap that we didn't do ANY of the work for. ha. apparently his testimony is strong enough that he will be baptized into whichever ward the lord would have him attend, because he, too, came to our ward on sunday, even though he'd so much rather be in the other one.
so... just to recap... we went from zero to FIVE at church in one week. that is HUGE for us. i think that's the most investigators i've ever had at church at one time. :) sister miller and i were a little frantic, actually!! there were so many people to talk to and keep tabs on and only two of us!! we were outnumbered. ha ha. cross my heart and hope to die, we didn't do ANYTHING different this week. that's why i feel like these blessings are coming from nowhere. i'm just way too lucky, i guess.
so that was pretty much my week. did i mention that i love being a missionary? :)
hope you're all doing wonderful. i love you.
sister madsen

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