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Thursday, January 24, 2013

welp. 7 months down. STOP MOVING SO FAST, TIME!!!

so sunday, the 20th, we're driving in the car and i hear sister miller make a sound like she was disgusted at something. i asked her what it was, and she said, "oh, sister davies just texted us... something..." it still wasn't clicking in my head. (sister davies came out at the same time that sister miller and i did, btw.) finally she just told me.... "she texted us 'happy seven month mark.' i didn't want to remind you." hahaha. it tends to be that i like to celebrate month marks and she LOATHES them because it means time is slipping away! well. this time i felt a little more like her!! where is my mission going?? yikes. is it bad that i never want to come home?? (don't worry daddy, i will...)
this was kind of an uneventful week. well--that's not right, exactly. a lot of good things happened. and that's just it: lately i've felt like my area is doing so well that nothing stands out that i want to write about... kinda like the whole "opposition in all things" principle. when everything's going good, when there's not the hard things to contrast the miracles, i don't feel like my emails are very exciting to read. ha.
i did go on another spanish exchange this week, however! and i actually spoke spanish! usually i just listen, but i really spoke this time. not like full-blown conversations, but little ones. :) it was fun!! the first lady we taught was a member, and she fed us home-made mexican food. mmmmmm. :) (i hardly ever get fed at member's homes--i prefer it that way, but on the rare occasion that i do, it's SO YUMMY.) after that, though, we were having a hard time because we were knocking on a lot of doors and no one was answering. eventually we just went to another member's house because she had a referral for us that she still hadn't followed through on. miracle of the night: 5 minutes after we showed up at her house, the referral herself walked through the door, and we got to meet her and set up an apointment with her to teach her sometime. :) heavenly father is so smart! if we hadn't been knocking doors for that first little while, the timing would have been off! crazy how that works out. after that we were pretty much out of other people to visit, but i had sister hall choose a random less-active's name from her list because we still had time to kill... and we got in to his house for the first time! they'd never actually had a lesson with him before. he kept giving us all these excuses about how he hates reading and that's why he wouldn't read his scriptures--not that the scriptures were the problem, just that he hates reading in general. (oh, by the way, we were speaking english at this point because he knows both languages--that's why i was able to help.) so i finally asked him to hand me his smart phone... on which i downloaded the gospel library, and said, "see this 'play' button? if you push it, it will read the book of mormon TO you." after that, he didn't have anything to say. his excuse was foiled. ha ha. it was funny. hopefully he'll listen to them now. :) (oh and this one's for you dad--when we showed up at his house there were like 10 people there watching seinfeld. and i thought of you. :) ) so that exchange was the highlight of my week, i guess!
taylor, paula, and denise are doing great. their progression is slow, but it's coming. they're dependable--they come to church when they say they will and they show up to their appointments. they've never really been spiritual people, though, so it's new and awkward for them, but they're willing to try it out, and we're happy about that. :) we finally saw paige again after like a month--she'd been on a trip for a while. we ended up having a kind of "do or die" lesson--we told her there wasn't anything else we could really teach her, and that it was up to her now to act. (john 7:17.) i really love paige... she's one of the those that i've kind of gotten attached to. she is so sweet and has such a good heart... she's just in a terrible situation, and she keeps using that as an excuse. :( my heart hurts for her. also, after an AMAZING law of chastity lesson with cody--he was all for it, and even his girlfriend thought it was inspired--we lost him again. that kid is going to be the death of us. he gets us so excited about his progress and then he disappears! however, we're not worried that somehow heavenly father will place him in our path again. he always does. :)
hope all is going well in zero-degree utah. :) i was walking around in a short-sleeve shirt yesterday... not that i want to brag or anything. :)
i love you!
sister madsen

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