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Sunday, March 17, 2013

hi all! it's me!

hey everyone!
i hear the weather up there is getting better! :) that's good.
i feel like things in santee are taking an interesting turn... we had an awesome jump start because we were new and we were able to use that as an excuse to get to know everyone and meet all the investigators that the elders were working with. but now that they see that we actually do our job by committing them to change... they kind of shy away from us. i feel like it's similar to getting a new manager at work. when the new manager comes in, all the employees have to shift the way they've worked in the past... and those that don't keep up just get let go, and new people are hired in their place. well... i feel like it's time to let go of a lot of people and just find new ones. so it's still coming slow. but we have 4 with a date for baptism right now (one that we have to pass off to other elders) so that's great... they haven't had anyone with a date for a while. we are being cautiously optimistic. :)
we saw a really cool miracle last night! we had just made a really big mistake by flip flopping plans of who we were going to visit and instead we missed BOTH of them. so i was feeling pretty put out. and i felt bad for not following the plans we had made the night before... heavenly father can't help us if we dont stick to the plan he helped us make! anyway. we prayed for help and forgiveness and moved on with our list of former investigators to visit... we showed up at one door, and surprise surprise, she didn't live there anymore. the man that answered informed me that we had the wrong place, and was on his way to shut the door, but i just kept talking and tried to engage him in conversation. he ended up being really nice. as we kept talking, he was gesturing to someone on his couch, so we peeked our heads in and it was his wife with their week-old baby! SO cute. :) that gave us a great opportunity to fawn over their cute family... and all by himself, without us even asking, he said, "you girls should come back sometime and teach us more about what you believe. i don't really know much about mormons." !! i couldn't believe my ears. so we are going back to see the tomorrow night. heavenly father made up for our stupid mistake instantly. just goes to show he's in charge. yet again.
so... i don't know how many people actually read this anymore. but i know there's quite a few of you going through some hard times... and if any one of you happen to read it, i will feel better. i just want to tell you that i love you and that i pray for you and think of you often. there is NOTHING--i repeat, NOTHING--that the savior cannot fix, heal, or help you out of. please... i plead with you with all of my heart, please turn to him. i have watched as the savior's light and love has totally reshaped the lives of people in san diego... and some of them have pretty ugly, sad lives, too. i KNOW it can do the same for you. i KNOW it. and even if what you're going through isn't heart wrenching--maybe it's just more of questioning what you believe--he can help with that, too. he will show you that he's there. he will. he has promised that he will. pray sincerely, and he will. 1 nephi 21:16 "Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me."
i trust that he will take care of you. it's hard for me to leave that trust in his hands because i love you all so much and i just want to solve all of your worries myself! but he can do it way better than i ever could.
thank you for your love and support. please remember there's a missionary out here that's cheering you on!
sister madsen

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