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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 26 :)

hey all,
nothing too much to report on this week. we had a big miracle though... both of our golden investigators that we've found/been teaching are unfortunately not in our stake boundaries, so they have to be passed off to other missionaries so they can be baptized into the appropriate ward. :( its hard when the only solid people we have to teach don't belong to us. but i put my faith in heavenly father, the day that we passed david off, that he would provide prepared people for us to teach. well... coolest thing ever: that night we got a text from some other elders that said they have the most solid referral for us that we'd ever receive! :) i just smiled up at heaven and thanked heavenly father for blessing my faith. he's SO GOOD. we met her the next day, and she has since been to all three hours of church as well as family home evening, and we have another appointment with her tonight. her name is sarah... guess how she came in contact with the church? she requested a  missionary visit on :) SHE found it HERSELF. oh, and she's already read three chapters of the book of mormon. so she's pretty awesome. we're hoping to set her with a date for baptism tonight.
the other investigator we are the most hopeful about has made a pretty big turn around... she is pretty strong in her christian faith and the church she attends. the missionaries tried teaching her a year ago, but she just wasn't budging. however, since then, she has spent LOTS of time at the institute, and it has softened her up a TON. we've taught her a couple times, and SHE was the one who basically stated to us that she knew all she needed to do was read the book of mormon and pray about it... and that's how she'd find out if everything we teach, all these additions to the beliefs she already has, are true. :) super cool. i was really nervous to teach her at first, because she seemed like a touchy one... but now i feel like we're sincerely friends. she opened up a lot about things she's struggling with at home yesterday... and those aren't things she likes to share with people. so keep elisabeth in your prayers. this is going to be a great opportunity for her to see how the restored gospel can bless her life.
that's all for now! i love you all and i hope your life is peachy keen. oh, and SHARE THE GOSPEL WITH OTHERS. please and thanks. :)
sister madsen

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