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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


dear family,
tomorrow. is. nine. whole. months. holy. MOLY. that's. CRAZY.
we had some good experiences this week. this was the first week that i actually felt the booth at grossmont college did something for us... we got six phone numbers! third time's the charm i guess. :) they may not all follow through, but there's potential! it was so exciting. i'm grateful that heavenly father prepared people to talk to us while we were there so it didn't feel like a waste of time.
one of the boys i talked to was named david. he was walking past, with no intention of stopping, but i impulsively jumped up to talk to him, and immediately he stopped to listen. i started explaining about institute and asked if he wanted to come over and check it out after his class... he said yes. he seemed like kind of a shy, quiet kid, so i thought he might have agreed simply because he felt intimidated... but we walked out of our apointment an hour later at the institute and there he was, talking to the institute director! we helped him register for institute and then sat down and added him as an investigator right then! he was just so open and said yes to everything! it was crazy. he soaked up the attention like a sponge... i think he's looking for friends. so it's an awesome opportunity. heavenly father is SO GOOD! i know that impluse to talk to him came from the spirit, and i'm so grateful i paid attention! david came to church on sunday, AND linger longer afterward, AND fhe last night, and we haven't even taught him an actual lesson yet. ha. he's golden. he grew up roman catholic... so he has a basic belief in christ. i'm excited to see where he goes.
we had two other investigators at church on sunday too! so that was a relief... last week we had zero. sundays can be pretty discouraging when no one shows up to church. that is the single hardest thing to get investigators to do.
also i found something pretty cool during personal study yesterday. i was reading in jesus the christ where talmage talks about jesus walking on water during the storm to come save his apostles. at first, when the apostles saw him walking on water, they were really afraid, thinking he was some kind of ghost. then he calmed their fears by saying, "it is i." talmage goes in to the spiritual implications of the incident... he says something like, "too frequently we mistake the saving aid for a greater terror." and it just hit me how true that was. too often i think of my savior as someone i have to answer to... someone that will hold me accountable for the sins i committed and whether or not i've repented for them. i often have a guilty conscience because of my weaknesses. i subconsciously regard christ primarily as my judge, instead of my loving advocate and my friend. and i don't think he would have me see him that way... or any of us. so i want to work on seeing him as someone who is willing to help me with my weaknesses, instead of him being my motivation to overcome my weaknesses simply because he'll be displeased otherwise. (i don't know if that makes sense...)
anyway. i'm out of time for now. but i love you all and i hope you had a happy saint patricks day! i'll have you know i made sure to wear my green skirt for the occassion... i had to be festive somehow. ha.
love love love,
sister madsen

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