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Monday, June 3, 2013

eLEveN??? (May 21, 2013)

welp. it was another week full of miracles. :) here goes:
1. we had MTE's on Wednesday last week (missionary training exchange) where we get together with like 4 zones (60 or so missionaries) and have a 3 hour training meeting... then we go out to our areas with a "coach"--a third companion who's in a leadership position--and apply what we learned. guess who got to come with us?? sister miller! :D yay! i loved every minute of that day. she is SO POWERFUL. so, we're out and about, and the first cool thing that happens is we talk to this Hispanic guy who lives out of his van. but he didn't speak English. so sister miller and i spoke Spanish to him!! haha we both know enough to kind of have a conversation. (sister mulipola was just lost. haha.) i spoke SPANISH!! it was fun. :) and then we sang a hymn for him. he LOVED it. he kept putting his hand to his heart and looking up at heaven. and we directed him to where he could go to church on sunday and talk to people who really knew Spanish. :) sweet, sweet guy... hope he went.
and then we went to this less active's house. she wasn't home. so i thought, maybe we should stop at this other less active's house who lives in the same complex. but he wasn't home, either. so we started walking away.... and lo and behold he was a couple blocks down on the other side of the street. :) so we stopped him and had a little curb side lesson with him. at the end we asked him who he knew we could teach... he mentioned his friend cole, who we had actually met before because he had joined in on a lesson once upon a time. so we said we'd keep in touch and set something up, and then we left. WELL. then we're driving around looking for an address for a random contact... our appointments had both cancelled. we drove down the street for a while before we realized the address wasn't valid. so we picked another contact on the same street, and we drove back up the street, and then we PASSED it, so we turned around AGAIN... and as we were pulling into a parking spot, COLE--the friend who our less active had JUST mentioned--was RIGHT THERE on the sidewalk. can we just look at how precise this placement was, please?? we drove up and down the street like 4 times. and cole said that wasn't even a street that he normally walks down... and his bus had been late, so it wasn't the same time he'd expected to be in the area, either. he doesn't even live in that area, his brother does. i have no idea where he even lives. it was CRAZY. :) i just laughed. heavenly father is the PERFECT planner. so we had another little curbside lesson with him and explained how evident it was that heavenly father was trying to speak to him. awesome miracle.
2. lily, my very first convert who i LOVE with all my heart, came down to visit the battalion this week just to give me the news that she started her own mission papers! and that she's going through the TEMPLE in September, which means i get to go!!! :D i am SO EXCITED! it is going to be such a neat experience to go through the temple with someone i helped bring into the gospel.
3. we FINALLY had two investigators at church this sunday! :) it's been 4 weeks since we've had ANY. joe loved it--he texted us afterward and said how much he enjoyed himself and that he was looking forward to next week. oh, and he signed up to bring food for two different activities. ha. he's so solid. i was really grateful to have investigators there... sunday can be a really disappointing day when no one shows.
4. last but not least--in fact, BEST--GRANDMA CAME TO THE BATTALION THIS WEEK! :D :D :D yyyaaaayyy!! it was SO GOOD to see her! i had no idea she was coming, she TOTALLY surprised me! i was walking up the street to the battalion for my shift on Thursday afternoon and i saw a few people sitting on the porch from a distance... "that looks kinda like my grandma," i thought. but it didn't really register until i got closer and looked again. and then i realized it was her and i screamed super loud (i actually scared a few people i think--ha) and i dropped my bags and ran up the stairs to give her a big hug! :) oh i was so happy!! sister Rasmussen and i took her on the tour and we had a great time. (grandma is friends with sister Rasmussen's mom, so she knew her too. :) ) thanks for coming grandma, I LOVE YOU!
yesterday was my eleven month mark. (what?!?) an elder was talking to me at the battalion who's going home at the same time as me and brought it to my attention that i only have FOUR transfers left after this one. for some reason, that BLEW my mind. I've only thought about how much time i have left in months... transfers go by like nothing. ah! good motivation to make each one as special and full of hard work as i can.
i love you! the gospel is TRUE and its INCREDIBLE!
love love love
sister madsen

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