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Saturday, June 8, 2013

.....JUNE.... it's june. transfers next week!

**Thanks for the pic, Sid! What a fun surprise :)

welp. it's JUNE.
...yeah. that's all i'm gonna say about that.

how's everybody doing??? :) i hope fantastic.
we had another great week. missionary work is the coolest. (i think i'm gonna have a hard time loving regular life when i get home... ha.) GUESS WHAT??? remember that guy joe that i wrote about last week? how we taught him the law of chastity and he said he'd pray about it? haha are you ready for the coolest miracle ever? :) we saw him four days later for another lesson. we started off by asking how he is feeling about his situation with his girlfriend and if he'd prayed about it... "still praying about it," he said. so we went on with the lesson on the gospel of christ, finished up, and left. WELL. about fifteen minutes later we got a text from him, and this is what it said:
"well. cheryl (his girlfriend) just sent me a text saying she made an appointment to get married. i didn't tell her about what we had talked about on monday, either. how's that for a sign from god?!?"
haha isn't that CRAZY?? he didn't even tell her about anything!!! they're getting married on june 19! and his baptism is june 29th! haha heavenly father is SO DETERMINED to make this man a member of his church. it's ridiculous. :) and incredible.
also, we added four investigators this last week. :) i dont know if i've ever added that many in a week before. (of course, we add a couple investigators every week... but many of them don't follow through for the second appointment. it's a lot easier to add than to retain.) hopefully these ones will be a little more solid! one is the friend of a member, and those are always the most solid investigators. so we're excited about her. she's from south africa. i love her accent. :)
so. i've been thinking a lot about the concept of desire lately. like, a ton. and about how to increase one's desires. to be honest, even though i've been out almost a year (GAH) i still feel like my desire to serve a good mission largely stems from my desire to be obedient to god. which isnt wrong. but i'm trying to figure out how to increase my desire to serve because i simply WANT to. (and this goes for more than being on a mission.) like, even if the celestial kingdom was a given--even if it was something we didn't have to work for--to get to the point that i'd do it regardless just because i sincerely WANT to do it. entiende?
i know that one's desire to do something increases as you see the benefits that come from doing so. but sometimes it can be easy to forget those blessings. so, the only thing i've come up with is to be grateful, and to look back on your past experiences and remember how great they were so you want to do them again. however, i'd like to open it up to the class. :) what do YOU think? how do you increase your desire? i'd love to hear your thoughts. ALL of you that read this. por favor. :)
and please don't get me wrong. i LOVE being on a mission. i really, really do. and i do want to be here. :) i'm just trying to figure out how to push myself to do more, instead of giving only whats required. and i think that if i can first figure out how to increase my desire, thats what will really make a difference.
transfers are next week!! ah! so crazy. i will be sad if i have to leave sister mulipola, or santee--and the most sad if i have to leave the battalion to go full-time proselyting!!! actually, i'm terrified of that last one. there's a darn good chance, too... yikes! i'll let you know!
i LOVE you ALL with ALL my HEART! :) happy summer!
sister madsen

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