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Monday, June 3, 2013

Heavenly Father takes care of things... (May 28, 2013)

um... let's see... this week... haha i feel like there were a whole bunch of good things that happened but they were all just random! hmmm... what is worth your reading time...
first of all. teaching the law of chastity is easy. it really is. i've never had a hard time teaching it, or been nervous about it, my whole mission. until yesterday. :) it's much more intimidating teaching it to someone that you know is going to have to make some HUGE life changes before he can be baptized--which might break his decision to be baptized. but here's the cool thing. when people are ready for the gospel, it doesn't matter. if they've felt the power of the truth, they're willing to do anything. :) and joe has definitely felt the power of the truth. if i had to make a list of the most prepared people i've ever met on my mission, joe would definitley be at the top (along with lily, my first convert.) so. he agreed to live it, and to pray about how to fix his sitaution so he can prepare to be baptized. :) heavenly father just takes care of things. it's awesome.
secondly. sunday was INCREDIBLE. we had two investigators there, and a third who showed up for the after church activity.... but that's not all. :) we had SIX less actives, THREE of which brought their nonmember friends/girlfriends. :) one of the nonmember girlfriends made an incredible comment in sunday school... you better believe we'll be seeing her this week! haha. AND one of our members came up to us and said her friend agreed to meet with us! this is the first time since i've been in this area that a member is bringing US someone to teach. (keep in mind that we only have like 20 active members.) so i feel like our efforts are starting to pay off. :) and all this happened in one day! yeah. this work is the best.
lastly. (is that a word?) one of our investigators at church was one we met through a less active who... kind of... well, could have a better lifestyle. the first time we taught him he agreed to meet with us again, saying something about how he had turned his back to god and that he wanted to change. which was good. but it's always difficult to judge sincerity. so. we taught him the restoration, and it didn't go very well, but he still agreed to read the book of mormon. i wasn't sure if he really would... but we went back for another lesson this week and he had read FOUR chapters. not only that, he recited everything back to us... he totally got into it! he was talking about nephi, lehi, laman and lemuel... he even used the word "murmur." ha. and he talked about how nephi cut off laban's head and how his servant followed him... i couldn't believe my ears. it was incredible. but the best part was when we explained more about the purpose of the book of mormon: that it taught the gospel of jesus christ, and THAT'S why we value it so highly... and he got really happy. :) heavenly father can make miracles happen in those you least expect. :) (i don't know if that's a real sentence. ha.)
yup! think thats all for this week! love you MUCHO!
sister madsen

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